Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Engineer Test Automation (Python) at KONE

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Create technical/visual design concepts and implement using standard tools/templates

  • Create design proposals as response to given specification
  • Create Ideas
  • Propose which ones to work on
  • Develop concept or prototype
  • Finalise the design

PCM Engineer: Execute problems solving actions to respond quickly to issues in business processes

  • Identify the problem or issue
  • Specify and deliver the solution
  • Initiate corrective or preventive actions when appropriate

Create/maintain and provide correct design data for project & stakeholder collaboration

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  • Design data, product model
  • Product data as part of product model
  • Drawings

Develop capability

  • Create performance improvement ideas (process & tool know-how)
  • Take development actions (own design know-how)

Authority to decide

  • Proposing justified design ideas/solutions to problems to work on
  • Project plan – how own work is organised.
  • Effective way of using own time
  • Effective ways of using tools

Location: Chennai

Company: KONE

The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.



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