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Analog Design Engr, II At Synopsys

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Mixed-signal Analog circuit design Engineer (High Speed PHYSICAL Interface Development).

We’re looking for an A&MS Circuit Design Engineer to join the team.

Does this sound like a good role for you?

This role involves analyzing various mixed signal techniques for dynamic and static power reduction, performance enhancement and area reduction. You’d leverage your strong understanding of circuit simulation and circuit layout as well as knowledge of bipolar, CMOS, passive structure, and interconnect failure modes.

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  • You will be part of a strong development team in the area of High Speed PHYSICAL Interface Development.
  • You will develop Analog Full custom circuit macros, i.e., PLL, Regulators, equalizers, Analog Front End, needed for High Speed PHY IP, in planer and fin-fet CMOS technology..
  • You will be working with experienced set of teams locally and in with people from various sites spread across globe.

Key Qualification

BE+3 years of relevant experience / MTech+2 years of relevant experience in Electrical/Electronics/VLSI Engineering or other relevant field of study.

Technical Attributes


  • CMOS circuit design fundamentals, device physics, basic understanding of layout and parasitic extraction, spice simulation, sub-micron design methodologies, PLL/DLL, Voltage Regulators, data converters, Equalizers, Impedance calibrators.
  • Analog transistor level circuit design in nanometer technologies.
  • Familiarity Multi Gbps range High speed designs
  • Can micro architect circuit from specifications, can create simulation benches to verify the specification, can understand and debug circuit.
  • Should have basic understanding of layout and parasitic extraction
  • Comfortable with spice simulations and various sub-micron design methodologies.


  • Familiarity Multi Gbps range High speed designs and familiarity with such specs.
  • Familiarity with designs of PLLs, Regulators, Equalizers, Impedance calibrators etc.
  • Familiarity with automation / Scripting language

Location: Noida

Company: Synopsys

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