Monday, July 15, 2024

Hardware Architect At Alstom In Bengaluru

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Network & Links


  • Others Alstom RSC sites TC&IS Metier Managers
  • Others Alstom RSC TCE, SDE, VTE and S&A leads
  • Engineering Team managers and Train Control skill leaders
  • Product Managers, SSM, PrEM, TrSE, tender teams


  • Internal customers
  • Final customer (rail operator)
  • Suppliers


Accountable for

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  • Ensuring the quality on all domain of his/her project (Schematic, Apparatus, Software…)
  • Closure of all the issues attributed to hardware failures and communication network
  • Managing the maintenance & warranty planning & following the CR process as per DFQ
  • Delivering the solution of hardware issues including TCMS component, low level Software, communication protocol.
  • Achieve the target of CONQ
  • Contributing for R-DTC (Re-Design to Cost)
  • Managing the interface between hardware/Software/Sub-system on the train from power and communication perspective during warranty and/or maintenance phase
  • Partnering with PACIS, CCTV, Multimedia, TCMS, Event recorder, Train Ground Communication, ATC/Safety equipment supplier for functioning as per specification.
  • Ensuring standardization and maximize the carry over with previous project
  • Supporting Industrial and Manufacturing areas during CR implementation
  • Supporting Commissioning and Validation area during CR implementation

Responsible for

  • Budget management of the Train Control & IS resources during warranty
  • Formulating a design solution that fulfils the specified customer requirements by defining the architecture and performances of the TCIS subsystems and functional studies he/she is responsible for, maximizing the re-use of service-proven design patterns
  • Monitoring, control and consolidate the TC & IS work package (Work Package Review, Risk mitigation, Quality Cost Delay project target) and ensure the reporting activities to the Project Engineering Manager of the project
  • Defining the applicable TCMS configuration (low voltage scheme, apparatus, and software version) with the Train System Engineer, Train Design Engineer, Project Engineering Manager and its team.
  • Contributing to the return of experiences on his/her domain (Hardware , Software, Network communication)

Location: Bengaluru

Company: Alstom

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