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JOB: Power Electronics At Capgemini In Bengaluru and Coimbatore

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Location: Bengaluru and Coimbatore

Company: Capgemini

Job description for Power electronics / Hardware Engineer / Developer/ PCB designer.

2 To 10 Years

PCB designer

  • Should have fully hands-on software like Altium, Eagle etc.
  • Should know about the creation of PCB Layer stack up.
  • Should be aware of PCB design rules like EMC rules, Thermal integrity & power integrity
  • Knowledge of routing guidelines, placing grounds & trace signals & trace widths.

Sr. Hardware developer / Engineer

  • Should have experience in designing circuits (High power & Low power)
  • Expertise in Testing and development of Power supply i.e., DC-DC converter, Fly-back converter, Cap drop power supply.
  • Should have full hands-on simulation software (LTspice, Pspice, TINA-TI etc)
  • Should understand the design and working of the circuits/schematics.
  • Knowledge of FTA

Knowledge of FMEA

  • Should be familiar with the working of the supply chain in different phases (From creation, testing ,till the end of production)
  • Study customer requirement documents and Standards


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