Wednesday, September 27, 2023

JOB: Power Electronics Engineer At General Electric

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: General Electric

Job Description Summary

Power Electronics Engineer is primarily responsible for the Design & Development of electronic hardware for High Frequency High Voltage Generators for usage in X-Ray generation applications with a constant eye for Design improvements, Quality, Cost, Productivity & Reliability.

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This opportunity is in Electrical/Electronics design and development engineering team working on Xray – Generation Engineering at GE BEL. The selected person will report XGEN & Power – Electrical Engineering Manager.

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Job Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Work on design and development of High Frequency High Voltage Generators used in X-Ray generation applications.
  • Work collaboratively with Hardware and Software experts in the projects and develop necessary designs and outputs for X-ray Generators.
  • Able to understand requirements, conduct necessary analysis, calculations, simulations to develop and evaluate Power electronics design concepts as applicable to Generators.
  • Able to deliver designs working independently and lead product designs, design changes or Value Engineering productivity programs relevant to X-Ray generator
  • Own the projects assigned and work closely with Project team to meet all deliverables based on program requirements complying to GE quality management system requirements
  • Able to work collaboratively with cross functional team in Integration, Testing, Verification and Design transfer of new designs or design changes.
  • Able to work on different types of projects like Advanced Technology development, New Product introduction, Design transfer, Design changes / improvements, Value engineering and reliability projects.
  • Work with cross functional teams with focus on business priorities and be able to execute on assignments aligned to the priorities.

Required Qualifications:

  • ME/MTech in Electrical Engineering department with specialization in Power Electronics/ /Industrial Electronics with minimum 3+ years of experience
  • Have clear understanding on any of- Power Converter (Buck, Boost, Buck-boost, Fly-back, forward etc.), High frequency operation, Resonant Circuit application Power Converters/Inverters (Resonant Power Converter), High voltage multiplier/Voltage Doubler circuit, Analog/power Amplifiers etc. Added advantage with knowledge on Static Compensators, Active filters etc.
  • Clear understanding on doing different types of analysis like small signal analysis, large signal analysis etc. for different type of AC/DC or DC/AC converter including PFC Circuits
  • Have working knowledge of Electronics Design/Simulation tools such as Saber, Matlab , Pspice, Orcad, Cadence etc.
  • Good knowledge on PWA design principles, component selection guidelines is an added advantage.

Desired Characteristics

  • Have Strong fundamentals of EMI/EMC and its Filter design
  • Have sound knowledge on Power converter control with analytical capabilities using Bode plot, Nyquist plot etc. Added advantage in case of knowledge on Analog / Digital controllers, DSP and Embedded systems, Mixed signal PCB Design and Fault Debugging


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