Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Quality Assurance Engineer At Schindler

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The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs here.

Location: Mumbai

Company: Schindler

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Check, complete and validate the original claim input.
  • Analysis of claims to monitor and improve overall claim Management process in coordination with Supply Chain and Field Operations.
  • Root Cause Analysis for the various Product Quality issues reported.
  • Take necessary steps to release the corrective and preventive actions on various Product Quality issues.
  • Perform Field trial, validation, Material Pre-Checks (MPC), Material Site checks (MSC) with respect to component validation & New Product Development.
  • Preparation and release of Quality Toolbox Talk (QTBT) & Quality Bulletins.

Mobility Needs You

Expertise: Desired experience in Quality areas for at least three years.

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Knowledge and Skills: Desired elevator and escalator products and processes knowledge, basic awareness of Directives Codes and Standards, Lift rules specific to PWD/IS/BIS, Communication & Problem Solving Skills

Education: Bachelor in Electronics Engineering


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