Saturday, February 4, 2023

“Semicon Manufacturing Has The Potential To Generate A Huge Market For Jobs In Both Skilled And Unskilled Fields”

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As part of being Atmanirbhar Bharat, India is working towards setting up semiconductor manufacturing facilities and is receiving proposals from big players like Vedanta, Foxconn, IGSS, and ISMC. Chetna Mohan, President, El Camino Technologies Pvt Ltd, spoke to Abbinaya Kuzhanthaivel of EFY about the career opportunities that this opens up for graduates in electronics and electricals, physics, applied physics, material sciences, chemical, and mechanical disciplines, and the skillsets they need to build.

Chetna Mohan, President, El Camino Technologies Pvt Ltd
Chetna Mohan, President, El Camino Technologies Pvt Ltd

Q. How do you see the semicon manufacturing space evolving in India?

A. I would categorise semicon manufacturing into different sectors for ease of understanding, and each one is an individual unit on its own. These are:

  • Design houses
  • Wafer fabs (including raw wafer manufacturing and crystal growth)
  • Assembly lines that include assembly, testing, marking, and packaging (ATMP)
  • Failure analysis and reliability analysis (FA and RA) labs



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