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System Designer At Alstom

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The Job is closed. Check the latest active jobs hereLocation: Bengaluru

Company: Alstom

Purpose of the job

Together with the other member of the team, to analyze the input needs (external or internal) and requirements, and design the solution by re-using existing solutions (contracts context) or by developing a new solution or adapting an existing one (program context)

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To formalize and maintain the system specifications (operational, functional, and constructional), application rules, and supporting processes descriptions and their associated verification, validation and assessments.

Mission and deliverables

  • Member of the project/program engineering team
  • Applies process, methods and tools as referenced by the program plans
  • In collaboration with the System Architect and under the control of the System Engineering
  • Manager he contributes to the system design and specification according to the development strategy established in the System Engineering Management Plan

For the system design he:

  • Analyzes, clarifies and confirms input requirements and needs
  • Performs conceptual design by preparing system models, design studies, design rationales, design principles, real time analysis, modelling & mock-ups,.. for technical de-risking and optimization
  • Solves Interfaces
  • Partners with RAM, safety, sub-system, software, product, and V&V teams to develop design concepts and definitions
  • Calls, conducts, and participates to technical reviews (design reviews, document reviews) including consultation to end-users, experts, and CCN according to specific needs and domains competencies relevance

For the system specification (system formalization) he:

  • Elaborates formal modelling and requirements writing according to design standard and guidelines
  • Formalizes and maintains the system specification (Operational Context Description, Requirement Specification, Architectural Description, Interface Description, Pefromance Assessment) according to applicable templates content,
  • Partners with RAM, safety, sub-system, software, product, and V&V of the program to ensure specifications completeness and acceptance
  • Coordinates with program team members to implement design and work through design revisions
  • Ensures traceability through-out the formal documentation, up to the input needs (input specifications, CR)
  • Ensures verifications (document reviews, peer reviews) of system specifications
  • Put work products under configuration management
  • On request, supports the System Application Architect for projects and tenders (evolutions & anomalies analysis, documentation support)
  • Prepares of program/project documents (e.g. training material, user manuals, ..) he is in charge
  • Participates to the material selection and procurement activities as required for the system delivery
  • Sustains the system according to Change Requests (evolutions and anomalies)
  • Keeps informed of the evolution of technologies through technological watch
  • Contributes to continuous improvement (RoE: Return on Experience, process, …)
  • Contributes to workload estimations for the deliverables of his scope
  • Promoting the Alstom Code of Ethics and adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct.


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