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4-Channel Multi Mode Audio Amplifier

Petre TZV Petrov was a researcher and assistant professor in Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria) and expert-lecturer in OFPPT(Casablance), Kingdom of Morocco. Now he is working as an electronics engineer in the private sector in Bulgaria

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Construction and testing

AFC_PartsA single side PCB layout of the 4-channel multi mode audio amplifier is shown in Fig. 3 and its component layout in Fig. 4. An actual-size PCB pattern for the power supply is shown Fig. 5 and its component layout in Fig. 6.

After assembling the circuit on the PCB connect 12V supply from CON13 to the amplifier circuit at CON11. Switch on the circuit by closing power switch S3. You can give audio inputs from any audio source like an MP3 player, laptop or DVD player to CON1 through CON4.

If switches S1 and S2 are open, the circuit is in single-channel mode. If closed, these are in BTL mode. The 4-channel outputs are available at CON5 through CON8. Outputs for BTL mode are available at CON9 and CON10. Switch S3 and fuse F1 should be mounted on the rear panel.

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It is recommended to use 2-way panel-mount spring-loaded speaker connectors for CON5 through CON10 and 3.5mm stereo female panel-mount connectors for CON1 through CON4.

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    • Here is the reply to Abhijit from author Petre Petrov.
      “Yes, you can use that circuit as an end (power) stage(s) of audio system with four channels. if you use two boards you can have up to eight audio channels. In home application 5-10 Watts of power per channel is more than enough. If you are in need of more power per channel you can use the channels in parallel but please note the polarity (the phase ) of the signals. Please see the data sheet.
      Please pay attention to the connection of the loudspeakers.”



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