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Reference Design For A Polyphase Smart Meter

YBILL-IT-RX21ASMARTMETER from Renesas is a reference design for a polyphase smart meter.

The reference design has a dynamic range between 10mA and 100A over an enhanced temperature range.

Smart meters are of significant importance due to their ability to provide accurate and real-time energy monitoring, enabling consumers and utility providers to gain insights into energy consumption patterns. With access to detailed information, consumers can make informed decisions about their energy usage, leading to improved energy management and efficiency. Smart meters also facilitate demand response programs, allowing consumers to actively participate in load management and contribute to grid stability. Additionally, these meters enhance billing accuracy, enable faster outage detection and support grid management and planning based on data-driven insights. They play a crucial role in integrating renewable energy sources, promoting consumer empowerment and engagement, and ultimately paving the way towards smarter, more sustainable energy systems. So, to simplify the development of a polyphase smart meter, Renesas has released a reference design for a smart meter.

Smart Meter Powered by RX21A MCU

The YBILL-IT-RX21ASMARTMETER from Renesas is a reference design for a polyphase smart meter based on the RX21A microcontroller. This reference design comes with varios compliance certifications and enables metrology and calibration routines for billing. The RX21A MCU integrate the metrology front end and application processor into a single chip. The RX21A MCUs are equipped with three, four, or seven independent 24-bit delta-sigma analogue-to-digital converters (ΔΣ-ADC). This capability enables the platform to cater to single-phase, split-phase, and three-phase plus neutral billing electricity meters. The reference design has a dynamic range between 10mA and 100A over an enhanced temperature range. Calibration data stored in the flash memory enables the RX21A devices to exceed Class 0.2S accuracy, surpassing the most stringent IEC metering requirements, such as the IEC62053-22 standard.

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The smart meter reference design meets a wide range of specifications, allowing for easy implementation and potential downsizing to a customized billing electricity meter design based on customer requirements. The reference design features all necessary Cenelec standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety. Renesas also offers an intuitive PC GUI that provides engineers with comprehensive information during the design phase. The GUI allows engineers to trim and analyze data measured by the ΔΣ-ADC channels. It offers graphical feedback on ADC data, as well as prepared data after calibration steps, frequency analysis, and separation of active/reactive energy usage. Renesas’ “Bill It! – Smart Meter RX21A” reference platform offers an all-in-one solution for engineers seeking to develop polyphase meter designs. With its integrated metrology and application processor

The reference design has been tested by Renesas. The company also offers a comprehensive kit which comes with a Polyphase Meter, a CD-ROM containing the embedded metrology and calibration software source code, the PC GUI, board schematics, the bill of materials, Gerber files, user manual, a quick start guide, and the necessary electrical connection setup for using the electricity meter. To learn more about the reference design, please click here.


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