Sunday, October 1, 2023

Reference Design For A Wi-Fi Based Remote Control for Lighting And Other Appliances

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This reference design can help add automation to your house or workplace. The reference design let you connect and program smart devices, smart appliances, and smart gadgets in your home.

Do you want to add automation to your house? Do you want to get the ability to control devices using just your smartphone? Then this reference design can allow you to add automation to your home. The design employs a Curiosity PIC32MZ EF 2.0 Development Board featuring a 32-bit PIC32MZ EF microcontroller (MCU). It also requires a WINC1500 Xplained Pro Extension Board which is plugged into the Curiosity board’s XPRO connector to enable and configure Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The Curiosity PIC32MZ EF 2.0 Development Board (DM320209) includes an integrated programmer and debugger, which requires no additional hardware to get started. Users can expand functionality through MikroElectronika mikroBUS Click adapter boards, add Ethernet connectivity with the Microchip PHY Daughter Board, add Wi-Fi connectivity capability using the Microchip’s expansions boards and add audio input and output capability with Microchip audio daughter boards. With or without expansion boards.

The reference design can also be used for controlling the red green and blue (RGB)
LED lights. By using the internal Web server that accompanies the Microchip TCP/IP stack, end-users can use their browser to control the RGB Led.

This reference design has been tested by Microchip. It comes with comprehensive software, firmware libraries, tools, battery, etc. You can find additional data about the reference design on the company’s website. To read more about this reference design click here.


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