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Reference Design of Sine Wave Inverter

Reference design of a 50Hz/60Hz pure sine wave inverter that can be used as a general inverter at residential or commercial application.

Are you planning to make a battery power energy storage system for your residential use? This reference design is a general-purpose sine wave inverter. This system generates 50Hz/60Hz with 230V AC generated from the battery pack. The same design can be utilised for building a low-frequency and a high-frequency inverter. The reference design employs a low-cost MCU low and high-frequency H-Bridge drive. The safety of the battery in the reference design is controlled by an intelligent battery management system (BMS).

The pure sine wave reference design has a capacity (rating) range from 800VA to 1800VA which is based on the battery size and backup requirement. The design employs Renesas RAA489206, a 16-cell battery front-end (BFE) IC, which periodically scans battery status and the operating environment to optimize battery life and prevent catastrophic failures. The design also features an LCD display which shows various battery performance statistics.

The reference design features an RL78/G14 microcontroller (MCU) running at a frequency of 32MHz. The MCU offers multiple built-in safety features that can detect illegal operation of hardware, moreover, it can enable support for the household appliance safety standard (IEC/UL 60730).

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Advantage of the Reference Design​:

  • A low-frequency and high-frequency inverter can be derived from the same solution.
  • Isolated system to track the AC output.
  • Auxiliary flyback power supply for isolated systems.
  • RL78/G14 low-cost MCU performs the low and high-frequency H-Bridge drive.

Target Applications:

  • Home Inverter
  • General Inverter
  • Battery Management System

More details about the reference design can be found here.


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