Monday, July 22, 2024

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Build Your Own Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminal!

Nowadays, electronic Point-of-Sale systems or EPoS have changed the way we perform transactions. EPoS systems are used worldwide for card-based payments at places like restaurants, stores and other retail outlets, enabling more speedy and efficient interaction with customers. Not only are these systems used to make payments using debit/credit cards, they also record sales, issue receipts to customers, keep track of stocks, and a lot more − allowing businesses to increase sales and speed up productivity.

There is no doubt that buying an EPoS system can be expensive and time-consuming at the same time. Rather than buying an EPoS, here’s how you can design your own EPOS terminals with these innovative EPOS reference designs. The designs come with all supporting documents to offer faster time to market to designers:-

Industrial Point-of-Sale Reference Design:

Here is an industrial Point of Sale reference design to enable transactions by providing a flexible and secure human interface. The design offers low cost and fast development cycle to the POS designers. The design leverages on the vast features of the Freescale’s ColdFire MPUs MCF5329 and MCS908QG8 to provide connectivity and security. The integrated USB modules on MCF5329 enable bar code scanning, smart card reading and magnetic card reading. Communication protocol for secure transactions are implemented with hardware encryption and Ethernet on MCS908QG8. MySQL Server Database is used to store and access the sales transactions. The MCU MCF5329 provides an integrated LCD controller for the LCD panel. The two MPUs communicate over SPI. This reference design also features an Open Source Software Solution with a GUI configuration tool. More on this Reference Design

PoS Terminal Design Reduces Development/Certification Time By 2 Yrs: 

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This reference design presents a secure and integrated solution for the Payment Card Industry including: Magnetic Stripe Reader (MSR), RFID/NFC reader, bar code scanner and thermal printer. The design is intended to reduce the development cycle of electronic transaction equipment and increase time to market. The solution includes on-board WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS and a touch-screen LCD. The design is built around an AM37x ARM Cortex-A8 processor and includes schematics, BOM, user guides, application notes, white paper, software and demos. More on this Reference Design

PoS Terminal Design For Retail: 

This document provides a Point of Sale Terminal Design for retail purposes. The design emulates a PC environment with custom features for retail with the help of Intel Embedded Processor Module (EMBMOD133). Four serial ports are provided to support peripherals such as barcode scanners, digital scales, card readers and customer price displays. A parallel port for a printer and cash drawer, and a PS/2 connector for keyboard is also provided. This design provides a quick product development solution for faster time to market. More on this Reference Design



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