Friday, January 27, 2023

Open Source Oxygen Concentrators Reference Designs

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With the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, oxygen concentrators have become an important need right now, leading to a surge in demand. While the market failed to maintain the right ratio of demand and supply of oxygen concentrators, the efforts of maker community and open-source design has proved a great boon for people in need of oxygen concentrators, assisting healthcare workers in combating the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing with the efforts for developing oxygen concentrators to meet their growing shortage, here’s a list of some innovations.


OpenOX is an open-source oxygen concentrator designed to give a maximum oxygen flow of 6 LPM with an oxygen concentration level from 85% to 95% while consuming 580W of power. Its design uses molecular sieve and pressure swing adsorption to produce an output with high oxygen concentration.

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The prototype uses 2-litre soda bottles as Zeolites/Silica tanks. The Zeolite tanks absorb certain gases like N2 and CO2. The compressed air is made to pass through the Zeolite beds, which absorb O2 and Ar. The cycle is repeated until there is an increase in oxygen concentration level. The Apollo oxygen concentrator currently generates 5 litres per minute with an oxygen concentration level of around 45%. The team is working to reach a 90% oxygen concentration level.

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