Monday, May 27, 2024

Reference Design For 3D Hand Gesture Detection System

3D gesture control seems like magic, right? Have you ever thought of incorporating a 3D hand gesture-based control in your project? The RTK5RX2310D00000BR from Renesas is a demonstration kit that is capable of detecting 3D gesture motion. The reference design uses the Capacitive Touch Sensor Unit (CTSU) of RX231 that detects contact with the human body. Renesas has also provided an AI tool example, that can be implemented in this design, which enhances the capability of this reference design. You can read more about the e-AI x 3D gesture recognition example here.

The 3D gesture detection reference design is simple to build and requires only a few components including an MCU, electrodes on a substrate pattern, a resistor and a capacitor. This reference design has a board size of 160 x 160 mm and is capable of detecting motion up to a distance of 200mm. It features multiple interfaces for connectivity including USB, BLE, E1 emulator, moreover, it can easily be set up and runs with a PC demo application. The main advantage of this design is that the sensing is done through any non-conducting medium, therefore, it can also be embedded into wooden furniture and walls.

The reference design uses RX231 as the CPU and features 4 receiver electrodes and a transmitter electrode to detect hand gestures. The device can communicate with a computer using a USB cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.1 specifications. The block diagram of this reference design is shown in the figure below:

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Block Diagram

This Reference Design utilises a simple technique to detect hand movement, it combines multiple capacitive proximity sensors to detect hand gestures such as holding for a certain period of time or moving a hand over from one electrode to another electrode for realizing simplified gesture operations.

Features of this reference design are

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  • Recognize the position of a hand up to 200mm above a sensor
  • Up to 1mm accuracy
  • High noise tolerance and works with shielding
  • Sensing can be carried out with any nonconducting material – thus can be embedded inside a wall, etc.
  • Realize system control and gesture operation for your product using a high-performance, low-power 32-bit microcontroller and touch IP
  • Also possible to use gestures in combination with touch buttons
  • Support for IEC 61000 4-3 Level3

Renesas has provided all the design resources required for designing this reference design, all the resources can be found here.


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