Sunday, July 14, 2024

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PLC  Based Automatic Pattern Generated Square Water Curtain Fountain

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In this designed project, the flow of water will be in the form of a fountain with a special different pattern. When the project is switched on, the water pump motor will continuously feed water, various combinations of solenoid valves will be on and off as per the programming of the plc. From which we will see pattern based water fountain. In this project, we have used seven timers for different delays. We can keep their time period as per our own. In the ladder diagram shown here, we have set the time delay up to 1 second, 2 second, ….7 second. This time period taken in the project can be easily changed through programming.

Note: All Solenoid Valves are supplied via same Cooler Pump Motor

The solenoid valves are used to create the different pattern based waterfall, since they are connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) which gives command/signal for them so that they will be open or close.

In smart pattern based square water curtain fountain much significant

Is placed on the accuracy of the waterfall, which permit the lucidity or Clarity of the water.

Smart pattern based square water curtain fountain is based on water movements in vertical direction with different pattern. Our proposed project is versatile and compare to ordinary fountain it require small space for its installation.

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The objective here is to Design and develop  Smart pattern based square water  curtain fountain which contains array of four walls including solenoid valves-24 V based on PLC.Here in our proposed project controlling of the Solenoid valves, relays can be done by PLC.

The required components for our proposed project are:


PLC – Allen-Bradley Micrologix1200 ,24 volt Solenoid valves,24volt SMPS,8-pin 24 volt relay, terminal connector, cooler water pump motor, connecting wires, heavy duty push button switch, wood and iron  assembly to put complete project.


RS Logix 500 and RSLinx Classic.

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List of Components with Price

Allen-Bradley Micrologix1200117000/-
24 volt Solenoid valves16150/- EACH[150 *16 =2400/-)
24volt SMPS1750/-
8-pin 24 volt relay1
cooler water pump motor1150/-
Terminal connector240/-
heavy duty push button switch280/-
connecting wiresAS PER NEED———

Video Tutorial

Connection Diagram

Ladder Diagram


RAKESH JAIN received Master degree in VLSI, B.E. in electronics and communication, DIPLOMA in electronics. He is currently working as an Assistant professor in ECE department in Geetanjali institute of technical studies, Udaipur. His research area is SENSOR and Microcontroller. He has 26 copyright and 3 Indian patents. He has also been honoured with Mewar Scientist Award2023.


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