Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Simple Low-Cost Inverter

By Rakesh Jain

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There are different types of inverters available in market, but their circuits are generally complex, so their cost is high. Here is a proposed low-cost inverter circuit based on MOSFET IRF250, which can also be used as an emergency light.efy tested

The circuit is simple and therefore can be wired even on a breadboard. The author’s prototype on a breadboard is shown in Fig. 1 while the circuit diagram is shown in Fig. 2.

The circuit comprises step-down transformers X1 and X2, bridge rectifier BR1, 5V voltage regulator 7805 (IC1), 5V single-changeover relay RL1, and a few other components. Capacitors C1 through C3, connected across the supply terminals, minimise ripples and other noise signals. Transformer X2 is an ordinary step-down transformer that is used here for the reverse function, that is, to step up the voltage.

Fig. 1: Author’s prototype
Fig. 1: Author’s prototype
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This project will be published in a few weeks. If you want to access it now, refer to Electronics For You’s November 2022 Issue–print or ezine edition.



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