Thursday, September 21, 2023

Simple Stereo FM Radio Receiver Circuit

By K.N. Antony

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There are many AM/FM receiver circuits available, but the difficult part is making the coils and tuning the circuits. Without their proper construction and alignment, the circuits do not perform well. This article describes how to build a simple stereo FM Radio Receiver Circuit without tuning components such as inductors, variable capacitors, and ceramic IF filters.

Previously we designed the FM Receiver Circuit with tuning components.

POC Video Tutorial In English:

POC Video Tutorial In Hindi:

The FM receiver is capable of receiving 76 to 108MHz FM band with stereo output having good sensitivity and performance. The output is capable of driving a 32Ω speaker directly, which eliminates additional audio headphone amplifiers.

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The heart of the circuit is based on IC HEX3653/GS1299/RDA7088. We can use any one of them. All three ICs have the same pinout and function and come in a SOP16 package with a 1.27mm lead pitch. You can check the RDA7088 Datasheet.

We can either use a pitch converter breakout board for ease of using a breadboard, Veroboard, or dot board with a 2.54mm pitch. We can also use a SOIC-16 ZIF socket adaptor with a 2.54mm pitch for easy and quick experimentation.


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