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Build Smart Speed Dial

In this project, we will create a versatile smart speed dial using the GC9A01 display and the powerful IndusBoard. This smart dial can be utilized in various applications, such as displaying sensor data, indicating direction, acting as a speedometer or fuel meter in automobiles, and more.

The combination of the IndusBoard and GC9A01 display allows for a compact and customizable solution for your specific needs.

DIY Smart Speed Dial
Fig. 1: IndusBoard Smart Speed Dial

Bill of Materials

  • IndusBoard
  • GC9A01 Display

DIY Smart Speed Dial Coding

Begin by installing the TFT_eSPI library in your Arduino IDE. This library is essential for interfacing the GC9A01 display with the IndusBoard.

Navigate to the Arduino Library folder and locate the TFT_eSPI library. Inside this library, find the “User_Setup_Select.h” file. Uncomment the line corresponding to the GC9A01 display, ensuring it is selected for use.

Code for Speed Dial Project
Fig. 2 Code
Speed Dial Code
Fig. 3 Code

In the same library folder, create a new file named “TFT_eSPI_User_Config.h.” Open this file and set the appropriate SPI pins for communication with the GC9A01 display. Save the file.Write or obtain the code for your smart dial project, ensuring it utilizes the TFT_eSPI library. Upload the code to your IndusBoard using the Arduino.

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DIY Smart Speed Dial – Connection 

Now connect the display pins as follow you can solder the display and board pins as in pic below.

DIY Smart Speed Dial
Fig. 4 DIY Smart Speed Dial


Power up your IndusBoard and observe the display. The smart dial should start functioning, displaying sensor data or performing the specified task based on your code. Ensure that the connections are secure and that the display responds accurately.

Smart Speed Dial
Smart Speed Dial

Download Source Code


Congratulations! You have successfully created a smart dial using the GC9A01 display and IndusBoard. This versatile project can be adapted for various applications, providing a compact and efficient solution for displaying information. Experiment with different functionalities and customize the code to suit your specific project needs.


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