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Thermal Management System For Electric Vehicles

ashwiniRecently some electric bikes caught fire due to the failure of the battery management system because of poor battery design. Unfortunately, proper thermal management is not there in most electric vehicles at present. So, here is a project to monitor the battery temperature and smoke detection to alert the EV user and stop the EV well in time to avoid further damage. The authors’ prototype of the thermal management system is shown in Fig. 1 and its block diagram is shown in Fig. 2.

Fig. 1: The authors’ prototype
Fig. 1: The authors’ prototype

Lithium-ion battery has a specified operational temperature of -20°C to +60°C. It will provide the longest service life if its temperature is always kept within approximately 10°C to 40°C.

Fig. 2: Block diagram of thermal management system
Fig. 2: Block diagram of thermal management system

The proposed system, powered by a 12V battery, is built around ESP32 board (U1), temperature sensor DS18B20 (U2), smoke sensor MQ135 (U3), 16×2 LCD display (U4), 5V regulator LM7805 (U5), and a few other components. The SPDT switch and potentiometer are connected to input of ESP32 controller while I2C, 16×2 LCD display, buzzer, relay, and Arduino Blue Control application are connected to its output. SPDT switch S1 is for mode selection to display the current temperature or to configure the threshold.

Bill of Material
Components Quantity Description
ESP32 (U1) 1 ESP32 development doard
DS18B20 (U2) 1 Temperature sensor
MQ135 (U3) 1 Smoke detector
RG1602A (U4) 1 I2C 16×2 LCD display
LM7805 (U5) 1 5V voltage regulator
10k (R1) 1 Potmeter
1k (R2, R3) 2 ¼-watt resistor
1N4009 (D1, D2) 2 Rectifier diode
100nF (C1, C2) 2 Ceramic disk capacitor
SU1 1 Buzzer
GU-SH112D (RL1) 1 High-power switching relay
BC547A (Q1, Q2) 2 Transistor (npn type)
On/off switch (S1) 1 SPDT switch
12V battery (BT1) 1 Lithium-ion battery
60V/40A/2.4kW (BT2) 1 Electric vehicle battery
Smartphone 1 Android mobile phone
Arduino Blue Control app Need to download
IDE Arduino software Need to download



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