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Learn How To Make A USB FM Radio!

A must-have for every music-lover, FM radios are common in portable products such as DVD/CD & MP3 players, PDAs and Notebooks. To know about the design of modern FM radio players, take a look at the reference designs mentioned below which come along with complete schematics, layouts, reference manuals and application notes.

USB FM Radio Design:


Here is a USB FM Radio design which can add FM radio functionality into a USB product. Two highly integrated components, namely, the Si4701 FM radio receiver and the C8051F321 microcontroller (MCU), make the system very small with few external components. The FM receiver’s audio output is sampled by the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) of MCU and sent to the host across the USB interface. The MCU controls the FM radio receiver over serial peripheral interface (SPI). A Windows application plays the audio using the PC speakers or headphones. The design comes equipped with complete software, firmware, schematics, and layouts. More on this Reference Design

High Performance FM Broadcast Radio:

This reference design is intended for FM broadcast radio applications in the 87.5–108 MHz band. For high performance and ruggedness, the design uses Freescale’s MRFE6VP61K25H/HS 50 Volts transistors designed to operate under high voltages and harsh environments. The system is tuned to deliver 1100 watts CW output power. The design comes along with complete documentation such as application notes, hardware design files and datasheets. More on this Reference Design

Low voltage FM stereo radio:

This reference design describes a low voltage FM radio for portable products such as mobile phone, CD and MP3 players. Via software, the radio can be tuned into the European, Japan or US FM band. The design is based on a single chip stereo FM receiver TEA5767/68 which has low power consumption and small size. The current is about 13mA and the supply voltage can be varied between 2.5 and 5V. The IC does not require any alignment, which makes the use of bulky and expensive external components unnecessary. The digital tuning is based on the conventional phase locked loop (PLL) concept. More on this Reference Design



  1. Hello;
    i have made this usb Radio but it dosent work. have built the Hardware and programmed it using the Firmware but there is no sount comming out of the usb stick please let me know what the Problem can be if you can.
    thank you


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