Friday, December 9, 2022

Voice Based Home Automation System

By N.M. Sai Krishna

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ashwiniThis project presents a voice based home automation system that can be used by differently abled people, geriatrics, and the others to control home appliances and thus convert a non-smart home into a smart home. To achieve this in a simple way, Amazon Echo is used to communicate with the circuit to control the appliances.The controller used for the automation in this project is NodeMCU. When a command is given by the user to Alexa, NodeMCU gets the information through Wi-Fi and decides the switching action to be taken with respect to the electrical appliances connected to it through relays.

NodeMCU controller board
Fig. 1: NodeMCU controller board
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Main components used in the project are shown in Fig. 1 through Fig. 3, while circuit diagram of the home automation system using Alexa is shown in Fig. 4. NodeMCU used as the controller board is pre-programmed to connect with the Wi-Fi network and then take the commands from Alexa to perform the tasks as per instructions in the code, like turning on or turning off the lights or fans.

Alexa Echo Dot
Fig. 2: Alexa Echo Dot

Connect input pins IN1 and IN2 of the 2-channel relay to digital pins of the NodeMCU as per the code. If you are controlling pins D2 and D3 of NodeMCU using Alexa, then the relay IN pins should be connected to the same D2 and D3 pins.

Download Source Code

This project will be published in a few weeks. If you want to access it now, refer to Electronics For You’s October 2022 Issue--print or ezine edition.



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