Sunday, July 14, 2024

Going Atmanirbhar With Surveillance

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Soon after the announcement of the Defence Procurement Procedure in 2016, Optimized Electrotech started as an indigenous tech company, focusing on image surveillance.

For a long time, India has been dependent on technology imports for situational awareness. Israel and China have acted as the global hubs for military and civilian surveillance tech, respectively. But with the wave of self-sufficiency rolling, India has started pacing its efforts for the retention of its intellectual property and indigenous manufacturing of defence goods, which significantly include hi-tech surveillance systems.

With the imperative of being as good as the Israeli technology and as cost-effective as the Chinese systems, the Bengaluru and Ahmedabad based Optimized Electrotech Pvt Ltd (OEPL) was set up in 2017 as an imaging surveillance technology company. In the complex maze of various kinds of surveillance, including digital, physical, and cyber, OEPL threw itself into electro-optics. Claiming to fuse AI in its systems, the startup gave rise to smart surveillance platforms with minimal need for manpower-on-alert.

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One of its latest products, called NoctVision, is an automated long-range day and night surveillance system. It undertakes the application of long wave IR manipulation, thermal (TIR) imaging cameras, and visible (VIS) light spectrum technologies. NoctVision, as the name suggests, enables zero-light imaging.


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