Tuesday, April 23, 2024

DoCircuits: Web-Based Online Simulator

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Future plans
Product development and innovation is a continuous process. Bagchi shares the improvements that they plan for the future versions of their solution: “We are adding capabilities for pure digital simulation, supporting integrated circuits, learning and running Verilog and VHDL simulations along with the ability for more devices and components and analysis methods.”

From monetisation to patenting the technology, Bagchi has a pretty comprehensive roadmap planned for Do-Circuits. “We will be targeting global users, students and teachers in the next two years and target to have 100,000 active users using simulation by 2014. Post 2014 we will release our enterprise version for SMBs in the semiconductor space. We also see growth in using this solution for building experimential learning courses in electronics and hope to certify 50,000 students with this platform by 2014. Running the simulation online is currently free. Going ahead, we will introduce simulation as a service model for advanced simulation features and components. We have an offline version of the tool for the PC priced at Rs 1000 for a year’s licence,” Bagchi informs.

“We are currently in the process of patenting some of the technology used for the product. This is the age of cloud computing, cloud storage and so on. This is just the beginning of the cloud revolution,” he sums up.

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The author is a tech correspondent at EFY Bengaluru

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