Thursday, June 1, 2023

Matri: Mainstreaming Menstruation With Pain Relief

By Vaishali Yadav

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Two Bengali schoolboys used to make electronic gadgets for fun. One day in college these engineering students brainstormed about finding a solution to a common daily life problem. And they came up with Matri, a wearable electronic device to block menstrual pain—kudos, they thought about women’s problem!

In that part of the world, where even talking about menstruation is considered dirty and shameful, two innovators from Bengal, Rohan Roy and Roni Mondal, collaborated to relieve the pain of menstruating women with their unique device—Matri. But why?

Silifarm Team (L to R): Roni Mondal, CEO, Co-founder; Rohan Roy, COO, Co-founder; and Amit Dutta, CTO
Silifarm Team (L to R): Roni Mondal, CEO, Co-founder; Rohan Roy, COO, Co-founder; and Amit Dutta, CTO

Roy says, “We see our mothers and sisters facing the same problem. There are only two conventional remedies. Hot water bags, which can’t be carried in public places, and medicines have side effects. So, we brought Matri to this big and untouched market. It is a tiny, portable, rechargeable, and wearable electronic device which is completely non-invasive in nature.”

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In Bengali, Matri means mother. “In your tough days, it takes care just like a mother, hence the name,” remarks Mondal.

Though their startup Silifarm Technologies was registered in 2020, the founders Roy and Mondal were working on their first, yet-to-be-launched product Matri since 2018. After improving the prototype over 12 times, it is now ready to be launched in the market in the coming months.

A model demonstrating use of Matri
A model demonstrating use of Matri

It is noteworthy that the startup—working with silicon at its heart—was incubated at IIT Patna, which is providing it with much-needed infrastructural and financial support. The company has tested the product with more than 400 volunteers. Mondal says, “We received 94 per cent positive feedback.”

Coming to biology, it is inherent that the tissue structure and fat thickness vary in different parts of our body. In women’s lower abdomen, it is quite different due to the presence of the uterus.


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