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Parova’s Made-To-Order Drones And Unique Designs

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Building on the power of R&D, Parova Technologies offers customised design and development services for drones

With a unique logo of a flying fish, Andhra Pradesh-based startup Parova Technologies offers drone customisation and development services for startups, college clubs, and university students.

Model of Parova’s Bajrang

Founder Rohith Dacharla began his journey in the fourth year of his software engineering course from a small lab in 2017. Unable to pursue pilot training due to financial constraints, Dacharla, harnessed his passion for aerial vehicles to establish Parova Technologies in 2019 for end-to-end research and development services. Co-founder Venkata Kamesh started contributing his expertise in avionics and subsystems in 2023 to complement Dacharla’s strengths in industrial design and innovation.

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(L to R) Rohith Dacharla, Founder, and Venkata Kamesh, Co-founder, Parova Drone Technologies

The startup covers everything from conceptualisation to fabrication and assembly of drones based on client specifications and budget constraints, for agricultural use, political rallies, or defence applications. “We design drones based on their ideas, considering initial requirements, and provide the option of choosing between affordable imported components or entirely made-in-India products,” says Dacharla.

The startup also offers consultancy services for drone design and development, guiding the entire process—design, testing, training, and licensing assistance, depending on various categories or stages of development of a product. In case of a complete product, they provide procurement assistance, gather technical details, offer consultation on potential upgrades and extra charges on the imports and assembly for the same. For a company with a semi-formed idea, the company helps to understand requirements, components, and pricing, discussing the option of importing versus local production.


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Yashasvini Razdan
Yashasvini Razdan
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