Sunday, October 1, 2023

Swappable Batteries For Electric 2-Wheelers

By Sharad Bhowmick

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The world is switching to green mobility, but improvement in the energy storage technology and charging infrastructure is essential for increasing the rate of adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Renon is an energy storage company in Surat with an R&D office in Bengaluru. The company started in the year 2019 with the aim to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the greenification of energy. They design and develop Li-ion battery packs for mobility, energy storage, and stationary applications. Renon’s latest product, Groot, is a swappable smart battery pack for low-medium speed electric 2-wheelers.

Adoption of EVs will accelerate only when the batteries in the vehicles become safer, and charging infrastructure and battery swapping stations become readily available. Renon’s latest product, Groot, is a swappable smart battery pack designed especially for electric 2-wheelers running on Indian road conditions.

“At Renon we give a lot of importance to cell qualification, characterisation, and cell testing,” says Ganesh Moorthi, CTO of Renon. He adds, “Selection of cell is crucial for both the performance and safety of the battery pack.” Renon batteries conform to the United Nations standard UN38.3 for lithium batteries, which involves mechanical drop, impact crush, freefall, nail penetration, overcharge, post-discharge, etc.

Groot, the swappable smart battery pack
Groot, the swappable smart battery pack
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Groot uses 18650 type lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (NMC) cells due to their high energy density. The removable battery pack is rated for 2.04kWh and has a nominal voltage of 57.5V. Groot weighs around 10kg, which makes it easier to handle without any special equipment. The smart battery pack employs a smart indigenous BMS that offers multiple protection features and adds telematics for improved real-time data sharing.


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