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Tsuyo’s Innovative Motor Design Revolutionises Conventional Methods

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This startup’s motors utilise ferrite magnets instead of rare earth magnets. The aim is to partner with at least 500 car companies over the next five years

Tsuyo Manufacturing, founded in 2020 by three young entrepreneurs (Vijay Kumar, Lalit Baid, and Tripurari Kumar), is a Greater Noida-based EV startup. The founders are serial entrepreneurs and successful professionals from India’s top premier institutions like NITs and IIMs/SPJain/IIFT.

The startup manufactures electric motors and controllers for electric vehicles, and they claim to supply them to many OEMs in three-wheeler (low speed and high speed), four-wheeler, and off-road vehicle segments. Within one-and-a-half years of its establishment, the startup has managed to receive funding from Ramkrishna Forgings of $12 million to support the next five years of expansion and growth.

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From left to right (a) E-axle (b) Off-Road EV motor (c) Smart Controller

They have used numerous patterns to design motors. For current supplies, the company is engaged in producing BLDC, PMSM, and AC synchronous electric motors for various applications as per customer end usage and requirement. One notable technology is the permanent magnet-assisted synchronous reluctance motors (PMaSynRM), as well as ferrite-based and rare-earth free magnet design. Additionally, SRM-based and axial flux motors are a few new technological frontiers the company is working upon.


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Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey is a journalist at EFY. She focuses on startups and innovations with a deep interest in new technologies and business models.


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