Monday, May 27, 2024

Sweeping And Mopping Robot To Free People From Trivial Housework

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You no longer have to dirty your hands while mopping. The pain point of traditional mopping is the dirty cloth that becomes dirtier during usage. The dirty cloth needs to be handwashed, which not only dirties hands but also takes time and effort. Venii N1bot returns for cleaning after every 20m2 to mop the whole room with clean cloth. Its self-cleaning makes mopping easy and worry-free. The bot is a fully-automatic mopping robot system.

Veniibot promotes artificial intelligence (AI) and electromechanical technology to realise the benefits of home automation and free people from trivial housework. Besides the innovative self-washing technology, it leads in the fields of embedded machine vision and AI by leveraging multiple core invention patents.

N1 can mop more effectively by applying 10N pressure, generated from its Lift-Mop patented mopping mechanical structure—meaning motor torque of the crank connecting rod and spring inside the pressure rod—which makes it different from normal mopping.

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To wash the fabric with clean water, clean and dirty water is separated within the wash base. N1’s 800-millilitre double watertank enables 120m2 with one full tank.

A traditional cleaner collects dust into a dust box, which is hard to clean and may dirty hands. N1 is equipped with a large disposable dust bag of about one litre capacity. Dirty water can be discarded easily when the tank is full, without getting the hands dirty.

N1 gives stronger sweeping performance with SLAM mapping and corner cleaning with a retractable side brush. Its advanced lidar SLAM technology helps clean the whole room with precise navigation and path planning. The bot can clean in zig-zag manner or by dividing spaces in blocks, enabling hundred per cent coverage. N1 can also recognise a carpet, and automatically lift its mop and switch to sweep only mode when moving over the carpet.

It has a multi-function app for remote control; for example, you can draw a specific area on the app for N1 to clean or enable N1 to switch to mop mode. You may also set up daily cleaning timetable for the robot through the app. Other options include auto cleaning, regular cleaning, fixed-point cleaning, specific-area cleaning, mode switching and one-click recharge.

N1’s improved configuration makes cleaning more assured with 2000Pa strong suction power, easy-to-overcome 2cm obstacles without stress, 5200mAh large capacity lithium battery, two-hour-long battery life and auto-recharging when the battery is low. The bot resumes work from the same spot after recharging to full. Its collision sensor protects the machine and furniture. The ground detection sensor prevents it from falling when facing the stairs.

By attaching a dedicated PTZ, N1 becomes a moving selfie assistant at home. N1 app has an independent shooting function; you can set the camera movement route for N1 through the app. N1 will move around, holding the camera to help you shoot.

N1 has such additional features as continuous scanning, LCD display, dust recognition and laser navigation. It weighs seven kilograms, can cover an application area up to 400m2, makes only 40dB-60dB noise, comes with twelve-month warranty, three to five hours charging time and four-core 1.3GHz Cortex A35 chip. It is priced around ` 1700.



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