Tuesday, May 21, 2024

8-Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor Enhancing Automotive Safety

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A CMOS Image Sensor offers low-light performance, LED flicker mitigation, and HDR capabilities for ADAS and autonomous driving applications.

OMNIVISION, a global semiconductor solutions developer specializing in advanced digital imaging, analogue, and touch & display technology, has launched its OX08D10 8-megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor featuring TheiaCel technology. The company claims the innovative offering elevates automotive safety by delivering improved resolution and image quality for exterior cameras used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving (AD). TheiaCel technology empowers the sensor to achieve good HDR image capture at distances of up to 200 meters, a range suited for striking the ideal balance between signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and dynamic range, making it an optimal choice for automotive exterior camera applications.

The sensor stands out with its exceptional low-light performance and low power consumption, all within a compact form factor 50% smaller than other exterior cabin sensors. It also distinguishes itself as the first image sensor employing next-generation lateral overflow integration capacitors (LOFIC) in conjunction with high dynamic range (HDR) technology, effectively eradicating LED flicker across diverse lighting conditions.

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The press release says the sensor provides robust Light Flicker Mitigation (LFM) capabilities without sacrificing image quality. The combination captures scenes with exceptionally high contrast, delivering superior content and image quality. The CMOS image sensor outperforms its non-LOGIC-based predecessor in key aspects. Notably, it boasts a 3.3x higher LFM dynamic range and nearly 3x higher total dynamic range. Additionally, it incorporates enhanced cybersecurity measures to align with the latest MIPI CSE version 2.0 standards, introducing functional safety into automotive image sensor data streams. 

“The new OX08D10 image sensor provides automotive OEMs with one device that combines all of the most important features, including low-light performance, LED flicker mitigation (LFM), small size and low power, eliminating the need for our customers to make performance/design compromises to address LED flicker, as they have in the past,” said Paul Wu, automotive product marketing manager, OMNIVISION. “Additionally, we are excited to debut our new TheiaCel technology at AutoSens this year. TheiaCel brings a new era to single-exposure HDR in an easy-to-implement solution that yields dramatic improvements in image quality.”

Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal is a journalist at EFY. She is an Electronics and Communication Engineer with over five years of academic experience. Her expertise lies in working with development boards and IoT cloud. She enjoys writing as it enables her to share her knowledge and insights related to electronics, with like-minded techies.


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