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A 5W Wide Input Converter With Advanced Features

A 5W Wide Input Converter With Advanced Features

The next-generation 5W wide input DC/DC converter with advanced features revolutionizes demanding industrial applications.


RECOM has launched the REC5K-RW, presenting a fresh option for users searching for a 5W, wide-input DC/DC converter. Housed in a cost-effective, industry-standard DIP24 plastic package, this new offering facilitates an input range of 9-36VDC and provides a steady 5V output at 1A.

One of the standout features of the DC/DC converter is its agency-certified isolation, rated at 4kVDC for one second and 2kVAC for one minute. It is designed with precision and ensures minimal output ripple and noise, establishing itself as a prime choice for demanding industrial and other high-tier applications. Users can expect operation within temperature parameters of -40 °C to 110°C ambient, albeit with derating considerations. The device also incorporates a remote on/off control, exhibiting a typical 3mA standby current.

Safety is paramount, and the 5W wide input DC/DC converter doesn’t compromise. It comes accredited with certifications including UL 62368-1, C22.2 No. 62368-1, and IEC/EN 622368-1. Furthermore, it promises efficient performance up to an altitude of 5000m in a PD2 (pollution degree 2) environment. Adding a simple external input filter will suffice for those aiming to achieve ‘Class B’ conducted EMI levels. Its durability is commendable, boasting a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) that surpasses 1.7 million hours at a temperature of 25°C, as validated by MIL-HDBK-217F (GB).

Some of the key features of the REC5K-RW series include:

  • 4kVDC/1 sec isolation
  • Industry-standard 5W DIP24 package
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Derates to 110°C ambient temperature
  • Wide 4:1 input
  • ON/OFF control pin, UVLO, SCP
  • 0% minimum load

Matthew Dauterive, DC/DC product manager of RECOM, comments: “Our customers have another great option with our 5W wide-input DC/DC, now available in a DIP24 package”.

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