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An Open Frame Version To Board-Mount AC/DCs

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  • Discover a continuous power output of 30W across a wide temperature range, an extensive input range, and ‘limited power source outputs.
  • Explore eco-friendly design, safety certifications, and application versatility

The RECOM RACM30-K/277 series of budget-friendly board-mount AC/DC converters has been expanded to offer an open-frame alternative, reducing the weight by half compared to the existing encapsulated variants.

These series delivers a continuous power output of 30W, with the capability to reach up to 36W at peak levels while operating smoothly across a temperature range from -40°C to +55°C in free air (depending on the specific model) and up to +90°C with derating. These converters offer an exceptionally wide input range, spanning from 85VAC to 305VAC (or 120V to 430VDC), and they provide output options including 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, +/-12V, and +/-15V. These outputs are classified as ‘limited power sources,’ offering full regulation and protection.  The key features are:

  • Dimensions measure 76.2 x 38.1 x 23 mm
  • Conforms to industry-standard pinning [P12]
  • Complies with EN55032 “B” in PELV (Protective Extra Low Voltage)configuration
  • Available in 2.0″ x 1.5″ encapsulated modules for Through-Hole Technology (THT) or wired connections
  • Offered in a 3.0″ x 1.5″ open-frame card format
  • Mounting options include panel mount and DIN(Deutsches Institut für Normung)  rail compatibility

These components are designed without an earth connection and boast class II insulation. They are rated for Over-Voltage Category III (OVC III) and Pollution Degree 3 (PD3) environments, even at altitudes up to 5000 meters. Safety certifications cover various applications, including audio/video, information and communication technology (ICT), test equipment, household appliances, industrial devices, and medical equipment with robust 4kVAC/1-minute-rated isolation. They comply with eco-design requirements, exhibiting minimal no-load/standby power dissipation and maintaining nearly flat efficiency curves even at light loads. All parts meet ‘class B’ electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards without requiring external components, offering a generous compliance margin, even when connected to grounded outputs.

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The product is equipped with Molex electrical connectors for both input and output. It has four mechanical fixtures designed for PCB pillars, ensuring convenient and secure installation in various end-equipments. This series finds typical applications in various industries, including providing housekeeping power in electric vehicle (EV) chargers, supporting industrial automation, serving in medical equipment, enabling IoT devices, contributing to lighting solutions, and enhancing smart energy systems.

Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Gaur
Akanksha Sondhi Gaur is a journalist at EFY. She has a German patent and brings a robust blend of 7 years of industrial & academic prowess to the table. Passionate about electronics, she has penned numerous research papers showcasing her expertise and keen insight.


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