Monday, July 15, 2024

High Precision, Multi-Band GNSS Front Ends

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High-precision, multi-band GNSS front ends designed for performance, robustness, and ease of use. , the TFM.110A can enable customers to save time, space, and improve performance.

Taoglas has released TFM.110A, a high precision, multi-band GNSS front ends. The module can be used for various applications including precision agriculture, automotive, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), etc. The TFM.110A offers ease of integration as it comes in a Single-package solution that combines impedance matching, careful filter selection and low noise design for easy, drop-in use with any antenna or GNSS receiver. The module supports L1, L2, and L5 bands, the two-stage amplifier solution drives high gain, low power consumption and low noise figure across the full signal chain for signal accuracy, integrity, and continuity.

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The TFM.110A features two inbuilt cascaded low noise amplifiers (LNA) and pre-filters in a small, low-profile, shielded surface mount package. The module can save high number of human hours required for designing complex and challenging onboard filter and amplifier circuits when the module is used between the device’s GNSS receiver and antenna.

Designed for performance, robustness, and ease of use, the new TFM series enables seamless signal transmission, signal purity and position accuracy, and safety and collision prevention in IoT and high-precision applications.

GNSS receivers have been made commercially available due to high demand in geolocation, telematics and positioning services. Moreover, it also led to the refinement of the technology thus making it more affordable and presenting more options to integrate satellite connectivity into product designs. However, customization is required to properly set the performance across the entire signal chain. The external RF circuitry is needed to deliver sufficient gain to the receiver without compromising the noise figure of the system.

“Taoglas delivers practical antenna and RF solutions that simplify wireless product development and accelerate launches,” said Olivier Robin, COO at Taoglas. “Our new TFM series is a great example of how we convert multi-year learning cycles into products that help customers save time, save space, and improve performance.”

Features of TFM.110A

Ease-of-integration : Single-package solution combines impedance matching, careful filter selection and low noise design for easy, drop-in use with any antenna or GNSS receiver

Low-noise System Design : Integrated pre-filters deliver exceptional out-of-band rejection combined with LNAs to properly set noise figure across the full signal chain

High-gain Architecture : Cascaded LNAs with pre-filters and optimized impedance matching deliver sufficient gain to the GNSS receiver without signal-to-noise overload

Low-profile Form Factor : Small footprint and low-profile design in a shielded, surface mount package saves valuable real estate without the need for external components


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