Thursday, June 13, 2024

Infineon Launches New AURIX™ Microcontrollers For E/E Architecture Transformation

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Infineon’s latest AURIX TC4x series of microcontrollers are designed for e-mobility, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive electric/electronic architectures, and cost-effective artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

As the automotive industry pivots towards electrified and autonomous vehicles, Infineon Technologies is advancing the transformation of the vehicle’s electric/electronic (E/E) architecture with its new AURIX TC4x family of microcontrollers. These are optimized for zonal controllers, centralizing computing to manage various car functions, thereby meeting the industry’s shift towards zonal architectures. This technology supports key zonal architecture functions like power distribution, diagnostic monitoring, gateway control, and power actuation.

Transitioning from the AURIX TC3x series, the TC4x lineup enhances performance and versatility, offering improved connectivity features and bolstered safety and security, meeting ASIL-D functional safety standards and incorporating both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography.

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While the AURIX TC3x series featured up to 6 cores running at 300MHz with 16MB of non-volatile memory, the TC4x models boast a new 500MHz TriCore v1.8 configuration with up to 6/6 lockstep cores and up to 24MB NVM. They also feature advanced data routing engines for CAN and Ethernet communications, along with upgraded timers.

The TC4x introduces three new hardware accelerators: the CAN Routing Engine (CRE), Data Routing Engine (DRE), and Cyber Security Satellite (CSS), enhancing cybersecurity with a real-time module that offers up to 15 times the performance of its predecessor and meets stringent new security standards including ISO 21434. This upgrade positions the TC4x at the forefront of addressing future cybersecurity challenges.

Infineon’s latest offerings are designed to support the evolution towards electric, intelligent, and connected vehicles, reinforcing its role as a top global provider of automotive solutions. The AURIX TC4x series is particularly suited for applications in e-mobility, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive electric/electronic architectures, and cost-effective artificial intelligence (AI).

The Infineon AURIX platform has become the preferred choice for automotive architectures in high-growth and safety-critical areas, including powertrain, safety, assisted and autonomous driving, and domain or zonal control. Its scalable family concept is vital for reliable electronics and software-based applications, with projected strong growth in demand and revenue for AURIX microcontrollers. According to Infineon, a prominent European car manufacturer will incorporate about 35 AURIX MCUs in a new car model that is expected to enter production mid-decade.

Furthermore, the AURIX TC4x family is well-equipped to support Software Over the Air (SOTA) capabilities, essential for enabling secure, fast car-to-cloud connections, allowing for updates, diagnostics, and analysis during vehicle operation.

Aryaman Raghuvanshi
Aryaman Raghuvanshi
Aryaman Raghuvanshi is a Journalist at EFY. His passion is to explore the future of mobility, which gets him to cover latest technologies shaping the future of automobiles and EVs. But, at times he writes on broader technologies too.


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