Tuesday, April 23, 2024

IQM Quantum Computers Achieves New Benchmarks

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IQM is working with prototype systems up to 150 qubits.

IQM Quantum Computers, a company specialising in building quantum computers, has reached new benchmarks with its 20-qubit quantum computer, with the integration of key technology components including Quantum Processing Units (QPUs). The chip is based on IQM’s tunable-coupler concept, which allows for fast two-qubit gate speed and high fidelity.

The 20-qubit processor has achieved a median two-qubit (CZ) gate fidelity of 99.51% across 30 qubit pairs, with the highest fidelity over a single pair reaching 99.8%. The system-level benchmarks include a Quantum Volume (QV) of 32, Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS) of 2600, a 20-qubit GHZ state with fidelity greater than 0.5, and a Q-score of 11.

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Quantum Volume (QV) is a benchmark that combines the scale (number of qubits) and quality (gate fidelity) into a single metric. It measures the largest ‘square shaped’ random circuit that can be computed successfully. Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS) is a metric based on the same random circuits as QV, measuring the throughput speed of the quantum computer.

GHZ State is an entangled state of multiple qubits. If the GHZ state fidelity is greater than 0.5, it indicates the presence of genuine multiqubit entanglement. Q-score measures the quantum computer’s performance on the Max-Cut combinatorial optimization task, indicating the scale up to which the problem can be solved using the quantum computer.

IQM is working with prototype systems up to 150 qubits, and the learnings from smaller systems validate the technology choices. The goal is to provide end-users with high-performance systems that deliver maximum value.


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