Monday, June 17, 2024

Metrology-Grade AOI System With AI-Powered Algorithms

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Test Research, Inc. (TRI) has announced the release of TR7500QE Plus, a Multi-Camera 3D Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) solution. The metrology-grade 3D AOI solution is built on a stable mechanical platform that improves inspection stability, accuracy, and precision while reducing inspection time. The TR7500QE features an AI-powered Algorithm with Smart Programming.

TR7500QE Plus

According to the company the next generation Multi-camera side view, 3D AOI platform is equipped with innovative AI-powered algorithms and increased mechanical capabilities that offer high accuracy inspection. It offers an industry-leading speed of up to 57 cm2/sec. TRI’s systems are designed to interoperate with other manufacturing equipment to minimize downtime, optimize production quality and reduce operator workload.

The system includes a total of four side-view cameras for the front, rear, and left, along with the right viewing angles and the views from the top camera. It uses a stop-and-go imaging method with a 12Mp top camera along with 4 angled cameras. The company claims that the multiple viewing angles improve the accuracy and reduce human mistakes by detecting concealed defects usually concealed from the top-camera view.

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The Side View cameras allow the platform to inspect inner layer bridges, hidden lifted leads, and other out of sight defects. The TR7500QE Plus also supports current Smart Factory Standards, such as IPC-CFX and The Hermes Standard (IPC-HERMES-9852).

Main Features of TR7500QE Plus:
– Multi-Angle 3D Side View, 5 Cameras Inspection
– Metrology-Grade Measurements
– AI-powered Algorithms with Smart Programming
– Industry 4.0 Ready Platform


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