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50 Volt DC-DC Bricks Enable GaN Wireless Power Amplifiers

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HONG KONG [28 June, 2017] — Artesyn Embedded Technologies announced three new series of 50-volt dc-dc converter modules to support the rapidly growing number of high power wireless base station (BTS) and remote radio head (RRH) deployments using GaN and high voltage LDMOS technology for increased power density and higher efficiency. The AVE450, AVE500 and ADH700 series are all based on a high power density open frame design in a telecom industry-standard half-brick format, with an optional aluminum thermal baseplate for excellent thermal performance.

· The AVE450 series offer greater than 95 percent typical efficiency and can deliver up to 10 amps output current.

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· The ADH700 and AVE500 series offers greater than 94.8 percent typical efficiency and can deliver up to 14 amps output current.

All models can operate between minus 40 and plus 85 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, and can continue to operate at full power up to 100 degrees Celsius baseplate temperature – all without air cooling.

These new Artesyn 50 V dc-dc converter modules offer a wide trim range of 25 V to 57 V output. Other features include remote control, low ripple and noise; and protection features such as input under voltage lockout, output over current protection, output over voltage protection, and over temperature protection.

The AVE450, AVE500 and ADH700 series uses conversion technology that employs 280 kHz fixed-frequency switching to help minimize external EMI filtering requirements. No minimum load requirement helps to increase reliability and contributes to an MTBF of 1.5 million hours (calculated according to Telcordia SR-332-2006).


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