Tuesday, June 18, 2024

5G NR Module Comes With C-V2X Features For Fully Autonomous Driving

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Reduces damaging heat generation and is compatible with varying frequencies, thereby maximising module performance

Fifth-generation (5G) mobile communications technology featuring ultra-fast speeds, ultra-low latency and mass connectivity has a vital role to play within communications infrastructure. 5G offers Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) gives vehicles the capability to communicate and interact with everything around them. On the same note, the technology is expected to contribute to greater sophistication of InVehicle Infotainment(IVI). One highly anticipated application is in enabling functions essential for fully autonomous driving that existing V2X systems have been unable to sufficiently support. 

However, communication functionality that is even more advanced than existing 4G LTE technology demand complex processing that can affect the ability of modules to perform to their full potential.

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The newly developed UMNZ1 Series 5G NR Module helps overcome that issue as it is suitable for automotive use with C-V2X features and compliant with 3GPP Release 15. By suppressing heat generation and offering greater heat dissipation, the module’s performance is maximised.

Additionally, the module has compatibility with the varying frequencies used by specifications worldwide, helping to reduce the development workload for customers.  


  • Original structure enhances heat dissipation for reliable performance
  • Flatness controlled in original design for stability in mounting
  • Compatibility reduces the customer’s development workload 


  • Supported modems: 2G: GSM; 3G: WCDMA; 4G: LTE; 5G: NR
  • Supported features: Cellular, C-V2X, DSDA, GNSS, etc. 
  • Supply voltage: +5.0/+3.7V
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +85°C  

Principal Applications 

  • Telematics control units (TCU)
  • V2X onboard units (OBU)
  • V2X road-side units (RSU)

Alps Alpine has begun the shipments of module samples and soon they can be used for advancing the implementation of next-generation communication solutions based on V2X systems and 5G. 


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