Wednesday, June 19, 2024

5K DisplayPort KVM Over IP Extender With Zero-Latency Transmission

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ATEN Advanced has launched KX9970 a 5K DisplayPort KVM over IP Extenders. The KX9970 transmitter and receiver are capable of enabling real-time KVM over IP with 5K up to 5120×1440@60 (4:4:4), 5120×2880@30 (4:4:4) lossless video compression over long distances. Furthermore,  it provides a zero-latency transmission and colour depth up to 12 bits. The extenders also provide USB isochronous transfer that enables USB camera and USB speaker usage between transmitter and receiver. It is suitable for various applications which include diverse control room applications such as air traffic control (ATC), eSports applications, and more.

According to the company, the KX9970 features transcendent 5K audiovisual performance, speedy peripheral data sharing, and much more. The KX9970 is capable of supporting a high refresh rate of 240Hz at1920x1080 and 144 Hz with a resolution of 2560×1440, thus allowing broadcasting producers to do real-time switching without any lag live between on-scene players and gaming feeds. without experiencing any impactful lag or interruption while gaming video is being streamed. Furthermore, the KX9970 can also improve work efficiency at mission-critical ATC centers with its ability to display zero-latency and color-accurate video on 2048 x 2048 monitors.

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Features of the KX9970 KVM over IP Extenders:

  1. Lossless video compression up to 5K over a 10 Gbps network with zero latency
  2. Native DP signal processing with colour depth up to 12 bits and support for HDR 10
  3. Power/Network failover ensures constant availability for mission-critical applications
  4. Panel Array Mode to maximize remote console efficiency
  5. USB isochronous transfer enables USB camera and USB speaker usage between transmitter and receiver




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