Monday, July 22, 2024

Accelerate New Product Development With Software That Supports Matter

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It aims to facilitate Matter, a smart home standard, to provide seamless interoperability to smart home products

The main barrier to large-scale adoption of smart home products has been interoperability. According to Parks Associates, 75 per cent of customers purchasing a new smart home device expect it to work with the existing devices in their home. 

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In this regard, new software support has been introduced for the emerging smart home standard. ModusToolbox Software and Tools by Infineon Technologies AG aims to facilitate Matter, a smart home standard from the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) to provide seamless interoperability to smart home products having Infineon’s AIROC Wi-Fi, AIROC Bluetooth and PSoC 6 MCU. In fact, several smart home market ecosystem players such as Apple, Amazon, Google and Comcast have joined together to develop and promote this new standard.

Many of the 320 million smart speakers in today’s homes are likely to be updated over-the-air to support Matter after its finalisation. Generally, it takes years for a new standard to get rolled out and adopted. But with Matter, the ability for smart speakers and other installed devices to be updated over-the-air will get accelerated to weeks or months, rather than years, enabling rapid deployment of smart devices in hundreds of millions of homes. This will also lead to a new, large-scale opportunity for companies making Matter products.

About ModusToolbox Software and Tools

The ModusToolbox Software and Tools offers best-in-class connectivity, computing, security and sensing together in a single platform. It combines the rich design resources of Infineon’s wireless libraries, and the analogue and digital peripheral libraries of its PSoC microcontrollers with an open-source, Eclipse-based IDE. Purpose-built hardware, multi-vendor RTOS support and standards-based security solutions provide a solid foundation that is validated by various cloud services. Additional Matter-specific capabilities are expected to be added to ModusToolbox in future releases. The latest version of ModusToolbox is available now for download. 

Infineon’s unique combination of software support for Matter, ModusToolbox software and tools, a broad family of AIROC connectivity chips and PSoC 6 MCUs, and its involvement in Matter open-source development allows it to help companies quickly bring Matter products to market and accelerate the adoption of the new smart home standard.


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