Sunday, April 21, 2024

New Adhesive Solution For Placement Of Parts And Reflow

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It has tack strength to hold materials in place and is near-zero residue adhesive solution, allowing complete evaporation during reflow

Designed for holding parts in place during placement and use in formic acid reflow environment is the NC-202, a no-clean, near-zero residue, adhesive solution from Indium Corporation.

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It is specially formulated with high tack to hold a die, chip or solder preform in place without movement, creating a low-cost tooling-free solution over pick and place investments. While NC-702 has the tack strength to hold materials in place, the material is completely evaporated out during reflow, eliminating the time-consuming post-reflow residue cleaning steps.

Benefits include:
⦁ No evidence of contamination during reflow, enabling use in formic acid reflow environments without risk of damaging equipment
⦁ Flexible application method via dipping, dispensing or jetting, potentially reducing process costs
⦁ Minimal voiding present and good soldering performance; although classified as an adhesive solution, NC-702 does not negatively affect soldering performance
⦁ Compatible with moulding and underfill material
⦁ Compatible with most common SAC alloys


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