Wednesday, June 19, 2024

AEC Q100 Qualified Magnetic Encoder ICs Suitable For Motor Applications

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They are capable of providing high-precision hollow shaft and off-axis rotary measurements for angle detection

Suitable for high-precision hollow shaft and off-axis rotary measurements, the new iC-MU200 and iC-MHL200 magnetic encoder ICs from iC-Haus offer applicability in automotive and electrically commutated motors, for measuring steering angles, lidar or for general angle detection.

The iC-MU200 is useful for applications that require absolute position information right after switching on the encoder system. This is achieved by simultaneously scanning two magnetic tracks according to the Nonius principle. The absolute position is provided with typically 19-bit resolution.

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For incremental applications, the Hall encoder iC-MHL200 is well suited. Both encoder ICs are optimised for pole widths of 2 mm.

The available interfaces SPI (iC-MU200), BiSS C, SSI, A/B/Z (FlexCount) and U/V/W offer maximum flexibility.


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