Monday, June 17, 2024

Common Mode Choke With Nanocrystalline Metal Core

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Kemet has announced a new series of AEC-Q200 qualified common mode chokes. The  SCF-XV has been designed for high voltage automotive and harsh environment industrial EMI filtering applications and offers up to 1,000 V AC/DC and is rated for the current range from 5 to 35 A, and DCR from 0.65 to 40.3 mΩ. The module comes in a small form factor that has been achieved by the use of nanocrystalline metal core results.

According to the company, the common-mode choke offers an exceptional EMI suppression, and the use of nanocrystalline metal cores for designing the toroidal coil is found to be useful in various noise countermeasure fields. The choke works at an operating temperature from -40°C to +150°C.

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This series supports the industry’s trend to increase the vehicle-installed Lithium-ion battery pack voltage to limit drive train currents. The use of nanocrystalline core has also helped the common mode choke to achieve an AEC-Q200 and a higher operating voltage range as most ferrite core alternatives lack the AEC-Q200 rating, are rated for 750 V AC/DC or lower, and have a larger footprint. The compact size also helps designers to miniaturize product designs. Applications include onboard chargers for EV/PHEV, E-compressors, wireless charging systems with 85 kHz, medium power drives for power steering, air conditioning, and mild hybrid 48 V systems.


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