Monday, June 17, 2024

Increased Supply Efficiency for Power-Hungry Processors

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Power supply for high-performance processors should be nothing less than high performance!

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., provider of precision power conversion, measurement and control technologies, has extended its range of high-density front-end power supplies with a 3200 W unit in the common redundant power supply (CPRS) 1U form factor.

The Artesyn CSU3200ET series addresses the high-performance, space-constrained power demands of computing applications including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Delivering currents up to 262 A, the series operates with efficiencies up to 96% and carries 80 Plus titanium efficiency certification.

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Generative AI is the fastest adopted technology of all time, as illustrated by ChatGPT’s 100 million plus users in just three months. These and other high-performance compute applications require large numbers of power-hungry AI/ML processors, and data center operators need 80 Plus titanium efficiency and CPRS form factors to deliver space-efficient solutions capable of powering those processors.” said Richard Caubang, senior technical director for enterprise and network products at Advanced Energy. 

Accepting a universal input voltage range of 180 to 264VAC and drawing maximum input current of 16A, the hot-pluggable power supplies feature active power factor correction (PFC). They have low total harmonic current distortion to comply with EN 61000-3-2 limits even at light loads.

Power management bus (PMBus) connectivity enables advanced monitoring and control features. Active current sharing facilitates the connection of multiple power supplies in parallel for applications requiring higher load current or redundancy. 

Where system loads do not require the full power of connected power supplies, a ‘cold redundancy’ capability optimizes efficiency. Models in the series are fully compliant with electromagnetic interference (EMI) Class A standard, IEC/EN/UL 62368-1, and all relevant safety standards.


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