Friday, May 31, 2024

Decentralised Frequency Inverter For Low Power Range

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NORD DRIVESYSTEMS introduces NORDAC ON, a decentralised frequency inverter series that can autonomously initiate control sequences using an embedded PLC.

When referring to industrial devices and equipment, we generally assume high power ranges, which mostly is the case. But there are some applications, for example a horizontal conveyor system, that operate under low power ranges.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS have introduced NORDAC ON decentralised frequency inverter series for low power ranges up to 2.2kW. The inverter characterises an integrated ethernet interface, full pluggability and a very compact design.

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NORDAC ON Decentralised Frequency Inverter. \ Credit : NORD DRIVESYSTEMS

These frequency inverters are primarily designed for horizontal conveyor systems. They will be available in two product series, optimised specifically for combination with NORD motors:

  • NORDAC ON was designed for applications with asynchronous motors,
  • NORDAC ON+ for combination with highly efficient synchronous motors.

These systems are available in three sizes for power ranges up to 2.2 kW. The system offers an integrated Ethernet interface, which enables easy setting of the desired communication protocol, be it ProfiNET, EtherNET IP or EtherCAT. Additionally, the equipment comprises a diagnostic interface, four digital inputs and, with the NORDAC ON+, an additional protocol-based encoder interface that is well protected against interference.

The NORDAC ON is equipped with a powerful PLC for functions close to the drive. It can process data from connected sensors and actuators, autonomously initiate control sequences and communicate drive and application data to the control centre, networked components or to cloud storage. This allows continuous conditioning monitoring (Condition monitoring) and thereby creates the basis for predictive maintenance concepts (Predictive Maintenance) as well as optimum plant dimensioning.

These decentralised inverters are ideally suited for conveyor systems as they save the extensive motor cable wiring required for centralised frequency inverters and therefore space as well. With all its pluggable connections, NORDAC ON presents an economical Plug & Play solution for Post & Parcel and Warehouse applications.


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