Monday, July 22, 2024

Demonstration Platform To Evaluate The Power Generation Through Micro-Energy Harvesting

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Trameto has announced a demonstration platform of TM2040, a four-input, smart Energy Harvesting PMIC. The module can enable engineers to evaluate the power generation through micro-energy harvesting and predict the size of the battery required for an application. The module can be connected with up to 4 energy harvesters of the same or mixed types. Furthermore, the module is capable of powering an IoT device such as sensors and the wireless modules with a 1.8V DC, regulated supply at up to 15mA. The platform comes with a Windows application that can display the data of the platform via a Graphical User Interface (GUI)

According to the company, the TM2040 demonstration platform is based on the company’s own OptiJoule technology. It is capable of connecting with up to 4 harvesters of the same or different types to any of its 4 inputs. The inputs automatically adjust to the attached type of harvester connected to it. To increase the energy harvest, the chip optimizes each harvester’s output using patented circuits. The module enables harvesting energy from different sources without any additional interface components, thus, simplifying the process and therefore reducing the time and cost of the evaluation process.

The demonstration platform comes with 4 types of harvesters that can easily connect to the main platform without any additional components and produce energy in the range of a few microjoules to few millijoules. The harvesters include two photovoltaic harvesters, a piezoelectric harvester with a DC motor to generate vibration for it, two thermoelectric generators, and a heater and heatsinks to provide a stimulus for the thermoelectric generators. Each harvester produces microjoules to millijoules of energy and easily connects to the main platform using plugin daughterboards.

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Huw Davies, CEO of Trameto, commented: “Energy harvesting can only be economically realized for IoT applications if every available source of energy can be exploited. The TM2040 OptiJoule EH PMIC is the only power management device able to do this economically, replacing up to four traditional PMICs and eliminating the cost and complexity of the interface components that are often needed for some energy harvesters. This demonstration platform provides the easiest way for engineers to explore the opportunities to power their devices using a range of energy harvesting technologies.”


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