Tuesday, July 23, 2024

First 77GHz Beamforming Chip in AiP Module

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SPEKTRA radar platform is the first to integrate analog and digital MIMO signal processing, with a resolution capable of distinguishing objects that are close to each other, in difficult driving scenarios, long ranges, and in all weather conditions.

The SPEKTRA from Metawave is the first 77GHz Beamforming Chip in the front-end Antenna in Package (AiP) Module. The AiP module can enable accurate, long-distance detection of vehicles beyond 300 meters and pedestrians detection beyond 200 meters. The beamforming chip offers high resolution and a large field of view in a small package. Moreover, the SPEKTRA can be used in all weather conditions making it suitable for use in autonomous ground and aerial mobility. It integrates analog and digital MIMO signal processing which allows distinguishing objects that are close to each other even in the difficult driving scenario and requires lower processing power than all-digital radar and lidars, thus, enabling the radar processing to be done at the edge.

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The semiconductor-based approach can redefine the way the next-generation radar systems are built. The development of Metawave’s high-performance hybrid analogue beam-steering and MIMO radar for long-range imaging relies heavily on the new SPEKTRA AiP module. In the Metawave 4D imaging radar topologies, SPEKTRA AiP enables the smooth integration of Texas Instruments’ cascaded AWR2243 transceivers, Metawave’s 76-81GHz MARCONITM beamforming processors, and NXP’s best-in-class S32R45 microcontroller.

The industry’s focus has been on optical sensors and a centralized compute software stack due to the excitement surrounding the 4D imaging sector, but this technology has its limitations and cannot be employed in defence equipment, since centralized software are not secure enough for use in defence applications. Hence, this beamforming chip can fill in the gap as this radar solution doesn’t depend on data processing over the cloud. Furthermore, it can be used as ADAS lidar and camera sensor options in harsh weather conditions, while providing unmatched resolution and field of vision at far distances.

Kamal Khouri, vice president of Automotive at GF says that. “The GF’s feature-rich silicon germanium solutions allow GF and Metawave to offer world-class performance for Advanced Automotive Radars. Our proven silicon germanium solutions are optimal for long-range, ultra-high performance 77-81 GHz imaging RADAR and have been used in multiple generations of vehicles.”


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