Saturday, July 13, 2024

GaN Technology ICs With High Output Power For Display Applications

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  • Reduces losses in display applications by 50 per cent and increases overall efficiency to 91 per cent
  • Robust and resistant to power surges

Power Integrations announces the expansion of its InnoSwitch™3-MX isolated switcher IC family with three new additional PowiGaN™ devices. As part of the InnoMux™ controller IC, the new switcher ICs support display and appliance power supply applications with a continuous output power of up to 75 W without a heatsink.

The InnoMux chipset employs a unique single-stage power architecture that reduces losses in display applications by 50 per cent when compared to conventional designs, thus increasing overall efficiency to 91 per cent in constant-voltage and constant-current LED backlight driver designs.

Additionally, the elimination of post-regulation (i.e. buck and boost) stages allows TV and monitor designers to decrease the component count by half. This improves reliability and reduces manufacturing cost.

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With a high breakdown voltage of 750 V,  the PowiGaN InnoSwitch3-MX parts are also extremely robust and highly resistant to the line surges and swells that commonly occur in regions with unstable mains voltages.

Effective combination

InnoSwitch3-MX flyback switcher ICs combine the primary switch, the primary-side controller, a secondary-side synchronous rectification controller and PI’s innovative FluxLink™ high-speed communications link. The InnoSwitch3-MX receives control instructions from the InnoMux IC, which measures the load requirements of each output and directs the switcher IC to provide correct power to each output, maintaining accurate regulation of current or voltage.

“By using our PowiGaN technology we are able to address higher-output applications in TVs, monitors and appliances that employ LED displays. The chipset increases efficiency beyond the requirements of all mandatory regulations and improves manufacturers’ scores in EU efficiency labelling programs,” said Edward Ong, product marketing manager, Power Integrations.

Samples of the INN3478C, INN3479C, INN3470C InnoSwitch3-MX ICs are available now.


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