Friday, April 12, 2024

High Current And High Efficiency Flat Inductor For DC-DC Converters

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Excellent energy storing capability and good inductance range make this device suitable for wide charging usages

We have used a DC-DC converter for various applications for a long time. While selecting an inductor or transformer for DC-DC switching regulators, one of the major consideration is its energy storing capacity.

There is a big difference between the earlier and present designs. Nowadays the DC-DC converter has a high current rating, high switching frequency and compact size to meet the market demands for various applications.

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Considering the above parameters, a new inductor on Flat-wire technology has been developed by Wurth Electronics. The WE-HCFT series comes in a 2504 package (length: 22mm, width: 25.7mm, height: 4mm) and has an inductance range from 1µH to 10µH.

Some benefits of the series are as below:
⦁ Low height: 4mm (max.)
⦁ High current capability: up-to 39A
⦁ Excellent thermal behaviour
⦁ Innovative core material for high saturation flux density.
⦁ Innovative design for optimal balanced of power losses/performance & thermal behaviour.

Suitable Applications:

⦁ High current DC-DC converter & AC-DC converter
⦁ Point of Load for FPGA/ASIC/GPU
⦁ Battery Chargers & Inverter
⦁ EV vehicle charger


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