Wednesday, April 17, 2024

High-Frequency Components For Addressing Design Test Requirements

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  • Anritsu’s now expansive component portfolio helps accurate testing of mmWave and optical designs
  • Ensures flexibility, saves time and simplifies system setup

Anritsu has expanded its W1 (1.0 mm) component line by introducing the bias tees, DC block and semi-rigid cables that operate up to 110 GHz and provide broadband frequency scalability for high-frequency device characterisation and optical networking applications. The new W1 components provide Anritsu with the broadest millimetre wave (mmWave) coaxial component portfolio that can be integrated into test systems, suitable for frequency and time domain use.

Gives unmatched performance

With an operable frequency of up to 110 GHz, the new W1 components generate metrology-grade quality results with high repeatability. Further ensuring flexibility for testing, these new components provide a component solution which conventional devices, including waveguide, cannot offer. The W1 coaxial interface allows for a direct connection to the instrument test port, saving time and simplifying system setup.

 The new components can be used as part of a test system consisting of 110 GHz vector network analyzers (VNAs), oscilloscopes and Bit Error Rate Testers (BERTs), as well as for optical transceivers, laser diodes, photodiodes and optical modulators. Development of switches and routers using NRZ and PAM4 modulation schemes with 56 Gbps and 112 Gbps data rates and 800G technology are other applications, as well.


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